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PP melt-blown line
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Melt-blown line profile:
The raw material used in melt-blow equipment production is slicing, which is generally polypropylene and polyester, as well as polyamide, polyetherketone ketone etc. However, they adopt the same principle, which is that polymerized substance is squeezed through spinneret orifice in melting state, and becomes microfiber after the impact of high-speed hot air. 

The daily production equipment: 6000to6500 PCS / 24 h/day (daily maximum yield Φ28 x 63.5mm(±1.5)x 250mm、135g) depends on raw material, product specifications and environment temperature! Maximum yield extruder: 35 kg x 24 h/day = 850 kg/day .wastage≤5%.

Electric cabinet:
Electrical machine is controlled by ABB frequency inverter ,the host heating zone are controlled by japanese RKC temperature-control table ,the metering pump motor is controlled by Japanese Fuji or Japan's Mitsubishi inverter control, other electrical control has a domestic first-class control (such as relay ,button, pilot lamp, wire, etc.)

Electric furnace
Used for calcining spinneret, the residual polymer in the spinneret carbonization to clean the spinneret.

Spinning trunk:
The effect of spinning trunk is to promote the chain breakage of polymerized substance melting. Also material has the same flow path and heat energy absorption in the spinning trunk. Finally, die head is squeezed by metering pump in constant quantification. In the whole spinning trunk, metering pump is one of the important compositions.

Metering pump: the high-precision building-block used in chemical fiber production.

Effect: accurately measure, continuously convey melt mass of fibering high polymer, and produce the preset pressure to maintain the spinning melt mass overcome the resistance of spinning components or spinning jet.

Spinning jet: the internal has two parts of air channel and material channel (spinneret orifice).   The top and bottom of material channel both have air channels, and there is a 60° angel between air channel and material channel, making the two airflow collide and form turbulence, impelling the melting polymerized substance squeezed by material channel to become fibre. 


Operating principle: material enters into the flight channel of screw from charge door. As the rotation of screw pushes the slicing forwards, making the slicing constantly absorb heat energy provided by heating installation. On the other hand, due to the shearing action between slicing and slicing, slicing and screw, sleeve frictions, and liquid layers, part of mechanical energy is converted to heat energy. During the ongoing process, slicing is gradually melted as melt mass as the temperature goes higher and higher. During the melting process, polymerized substance takes changes in temperature, pressure, viscosity and form, etc. It transforms from solid state (vitreous state) to elastomeric state. With the higher temperature, it appears plastic flowage, and becomes viscous flow state. The polymerized substance of viscous flow state is transmitted to melt mass pipes with certain pressure through screw’s propulsion and screw exit’s resistance.

Effect of screw extruder: squeeze, exhaust, melting and mixed homogenization of solid high polymer are conducted under constant temperature and pressure to quantitatively output high polymer melt mass.

Advantages of screw extruder: ① fast in melting. ② intense mechanical shearing. ③continuous renewal of heat exchange surfaces, more suitable for material with high viscosity.  ④convenient output adjustment. 

Composition of screw extruder: ① melting extrusion device: Screw, sleeve. ② heating and cooling system: Cast-aluminum sleeve heater and water cooling jacket. ③ drive system: Variable speed electric motor and variable speed gearbox.

 Extruder quick coupling device:
 It is the equipment used to filtrate the melted polymerized substance, which internal has a round groove to put filtering net. The filtering net should be changed promptly (depending on extruder pressure) 

Receiving device:
By a motor drives the optic axis and screw axis respectively, through the optical axis and screw shaft speed difference between stripping

Automatic cutting device:
 Controlled by time and air pressure. Gas-tightness should be checked before utilization, and debugged to a normal state.

PP filter is produced by way of polyropylene melt,the micron number by 1um to 100um.The filter haven't inner punch spindle and used dense thin outside in design,can maintain the stability of the flow rate and pressure difference and service life.

PP filter form continuous melt-blown filter diameter is fine,general is 5-30UM,the filter mutual tangles,the formation of the aperture is less than 40 microns;but the porosity is very high,generally greater than or equal to 80%,effectively guarantee the filtration precision and flow.the service life is longer:continuous melt-blown filter aperture distribution along the radial gradient.

enough space to accommodate large particles,to ensure that the filter is not blocked by a short time.the inner block tiny particles at the same time ,ensure the filtering precision ,thus greatly improving the service life of the filter ,reduces the cost .

Security:continuous melt-blown filter to polypropylene as raw materials,non-toxic,no smell,in the process of production does not add other chemicals and no other chemical substances generated,can be directly for drinking water and other liquid filtration.

PP filter adaptability: polypropylene filter can  resistant mildew, resistant to acid and alkali, inorganic and organic solvent resistance. At the same time has the characteristics of oil absorption is not bibulous. Filter product USES the non-toxic tasteless polypropylene (material: PP) as raw material, after melting, injection, traction accept forming deep and made of a variety of tubular filter. Fiber in random space form three-dimensional microporous structure, diameter d holes along the filtrate flow gradient distribution of integrating surface, deep and fine fine filter 

Using different production technology of controllable made different filtration precision, also can form inside and outside of the surface of the filter element or the depth of the exterior inside type filter, etc. The filter itself does not use any chemical adhesive, more in line with the health, safety and high quality requirements. Can intercept different particle sizes of impurities. Filter precision range 1 um to 100 um, its flux is 1.5 times more than equal precision filter, can be configured in different types of end cover joint and meet the needs of the various engineering installation. Aperture density, have layers, acid, alkali and other chemicals and organic solvent corrosion, strength is big, price is cheap, conform to the hygiene licensing standards.

Filter precision (UM) 1-100UM... 30-250 - MM cartridge diameter (MM)... Etc.,
special specifications can be according to the customer need to customize the filter inside diameter (MM) - 15 MM - 200 MM, special specifications can customize according to customer needs. Filter length: 10, 20, 30, 40,,,, inches.
Filter types: divided into skeleton, frameless filter interface: flat mouth, insert type, etc.

·PP filter characteristics
·Filtration efficiency over 99%
·100% pure PP, do not add any glue
·Surface of the fiber structure, not easy the creation depilation
·PP melt-blown filter aperture density, uniformity, high filtration efficiency
·Water pollution-free, acid, alkali and other chemical reagents and organic solvent corrosion
·Maximum differential pressure: 21 degrees Celsius, 2.0 bar
·The highest temperature: 60 degrees Celsius

Product appearance: embossing, steel tank, acupuncture, light core, orange peel, core and lettering core, etc

PP cotton application field

·Soda acid liquid filter used in industrial system processImaging in liquid, ink filters
·Industrial water treatment, electric plating solution filtration
·Chemical raw materials, organic solvent filtration
·Sterile water, ultrapure water before filtering processing
·Electronic industry, PCB circuit board liquid filtration
·Soda acid liquid filter used in industrial system process

PP filter device includes the following contents1.JW6

 1. JW65 type extrusion machine: it contains 18 kw motor 1. Cast aluminum heating jacket 5,  were 2.4 W x 5 for a total of 12 kw. Automatic feeding machine, hopper, 1 screw remove 1 set of tools. About 30 kw

2. Automatic net changer 1: hydraulic station 1, and a net changer, heating power 2.4 KW. About 2.4 KW

3.  Melt distributor 1:16 KW heating power, 6 high temperature valve, the barometer 6, a total of 4.5 KW, 0.75 KW x 6 metering pump moto. 6 metering pump high temperature metal hose 12, six sets of hot channel 1, spinning nozzle heating power 4.4 KW, and insulation materials and related accessories. About 25 kw

 4. 2 sets PP filter equipment receiving system: including receiving axis motor x4 0.4 a total of 1.6 KW, filter surface heat treatment of 500 w x 2 a total of 1 KW,2 sets of 4. Φ 28 receiving axis, pressure rod, 2 sets of bracket 4, embossing, 2 sets. About 2.6 KW

 5.Two air heating system: 27 kw/a, 54 kw. Pressure range 0-1 mpa. Barometer of 2, the high temperature and the thermal insulation material. About 54 kw

6. The fan: 30 kw/a

Equipment: voltage 380 v, 50 hz installed capacity of 140 kw, operating power around 70 kw.

 Type electrical control part: JW 65 mechanical extrusion machine, fan is controlled by ABB inverter, the host heating zone are controlled by japan's RKC temperature control table .Japan RKC  table control air heating section. Metering pump receiving axis motor control, the Japanese Fuji inverter control, other electrical control with domestic famous brand control (such as relay, button, indicator lights, wire, etc.

Other options:

1.  Groove machine
2.  Automatic pressure machine
3.  Electric furnace


PPF-6熔喷生产线/PPF-6 Melt-blown production line  
名   称/designation 型   号/model number 数   量/number
挤出机/extruding machine 65 1
液压换网器/hydraulic net changer 液压 1
纺丝箱/spinning box   1
接收系统/receiving system   2
空气加热罐/air  heating tank.   2
固定轨道/fixed orbit   2
电器控制柜/electric control cabinet   1
接收轴/receive shaft ¢28 2
支架/support   4
护架/protect the stent   2
压辊/compression roller   2
压纹/amboss   1
针刺/needling   1
热风通道/hot air channel   1
表面自动处理器/surface automatic processor   1
自动上料机/automatic feeding machine   1
风机/fan 30KW 1
喷丝板/spinneret jet 400 9
电炉/electric furnace   1



PPF-3熔喷生产线/PPF-6 Melt-blown production line  
名   称/designation 型   号/model number 数   量/number
挤出机/extruding machine 45 1
液压换网器/hydraulic net changer 手动 1
纺丝箱/spinning box   1
接收系统/receiving system   1
空气加热罐/air  heating tank.   1
固定轨道/fixed orbit   1
电器控制柜/electric control cabinet   1
接收轴/receive shaft ¢28 1
支架/support   2
护架/protect the stent   1
压辊/compression roller   1
压纹/amboss   1
针刺/needling   1
热风通道/hot air channel   1
表面自动处理器/surface automatic processor   1
自动上料机/automatic feeding machine   1
风机/fan 15KW 1
喷丝板/spinneret jet 400 6
电炉/electric furnace   1