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Provide world-class solutions and services for filter cartridge melted equipment for industry users.


Nanjing group wang machinery equipment co., LTD
Nanjing group wang machinery equipment co., LTD. Is mainly engaged in the design, production, installation and debugging of PP filter core melt injection equipment and paper filter core equipment.With Taiwan, Egypt, Iran, Russia and many top enterprises in and abroad maintain good business contacts.PP melt-spraying equipment is mainly used to produce filter elements for filtration system.The equipment of our company adopts the spinning box for high temperature and uniform heating of raw materials, and the filter core produced has three layers of filter function, which is characterized by large amount of pollution and high service life.
All parts of the equipment are made of high-end products at home and abroad, so the equipment is of stable quality and long use time.
The paper filter core equipment (glue) is an automatic glue injection equipment, high precision, low energy consumption, and imported high-tech pneumatic pump.
The company integrity management, because the equipment quality is too hard, obtains the domestic and international customer's consistent high praise!
Looking forward to cooperating with you!