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Treatment Process of Off-Test Product during Production (
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 1).  Flying yarn: first flying yarn of spinning jet is easy to make the filter element fail to conductnormal decoring, stratification, out of roundness, building, bump, fibre breakage, No operation, loosing core. 
The product appearance of flying yarn of second spinning jet will be uneven flying yarn, uneven product appearance, lousiness, stratification, loosing core, softening, out of roundness, coarse fibre, and roughness.
The treatment methods of above phenomenon: firstly, adjust the height of axle center consistent with spinning jet. Secondly, shelter the upper part if the fibre flies downwards, and shelter the lower part if the fibre flies upwards (do not use paper to shelter fire). If there occurs occasional flying yarn, it should pay attention to the air flow condition in workshop. 
If the direction of flying yarn is indeterminate, make the direction of flying yarn same as the direction of axle rotation. 

2) Building: if building occurs accidently in normal state, first check the fixing screw on receiving axle, screw nut, synchronous pulley, looseness of synchronous belt, abrasion, and if there is no problem in the above parts, then exclude flying yarn or feed less in optical axle.

3) Reducer: Exclude fault in receiving axle and decoring. It can be solved by feeding more in optical axle.

 4)Sheath: Do not add many objects in pressing roll. Put the objects near the back with relatively large air. If the outermost spinning jet discharge a large amount, then lower the metering pump. 

5) Black spot: discharge all material of core
If there is abrasion on the bearing of receiving axle, and water too much, it should exchange bearing and water less.If there is belt abrasion in the core, make clear the origin of the black spot, and make it clean. 

6)Loosing core: flying yarn, soft fibre or interlayer between two spinning jets. The pump height of first metering pump is adopted to use the pressing roll to press flying yarn and soft fibre.

7) Filament breakage: first spinning jetlowers metering pump, and decrease temperature on axle
The first spinning jetis blocked, and change spinning jet.

8)No operation: Deal with the flying yarn of first spinning jet 
There will be large resistance if the optical axle feeds a large amount. The core should feed lessoptical axle.
Heavy pressure on pressing roll. Alleviate the gram weight of pressing roll.
Large resistance of cutting filter element and roulette. Reduce the resistance ofdecoring
Problems in receiving axle. Overhaul and change receiving axle
Technical problem or initially starting up. Adjust technical parameter. 

9) Lousiness in the core: raw material; change raw material or product; adjust technology
Overhaul the fibre between optical axle and threaded shaft.
Low axle temperature. Feed more optical axle
Small amount of discharging material when first spinning jet is blocked, and soft fibre in the inner hole of core. 

10) Add output: set distance, add metering pump, increase temperature of spinningbox (≦300°)

11)Add or decrease gram weight: if the gram weight is heavy, if the spinning jet has no problem,change the distance outbound; vice versa.

12) Stratification: flying yarnblocks flying yarn;Soft fibre blocks spinning jet, and use pressing roll to keepdown and maintain it meet the standard. Others should change spinning jet. 

13)Unstable gram weight: uneven material mixture, and filter resistance, change filter; unstable extruderrotational speed, conduct inspection.

14)Adjust the external diameter of φ20 small core43±1 (φ20*φ43±1*): the external diameter of firstspinning jetis controlled as 33±1mm in usual production. It the external diameter cannot be reduced, and is easy to be twisted off, maintain the reading of optical axle and threaded shaft, and reduce 1-2 circles to the inner side. Lighten the gram weight of pressing roll. The heights of core, stand, and pressing roll keep in one life to reduce resistance as much as possible. 

15) Turn upfat core (φ28*φ114±2*   ) or (φ38*φ114±2*   ): adjust the external diameter of first spinning jetcore to 78-80. When it can be open normally, open second spinning jet. The speed difference of optical axle and threaded shaftis 10-12. The wheel base of first spinning jetis 170±mm, and that of metering pump should be ≦700.

165) Adjust thin fibre to thick fibre: first lower spinning jet temperature. When the spinning jet temperatureis normal, turn off the air (single side) ;When the temperatures on both sides of spinning jet is normal, lower material channel temperature, and turn off the air (both sides)

17) Adjust thick fibre to thin fibre: first increase spinning jet temperature. When the spinning jet temperature is normal, turn on the air (single side): When the temperatures of spinning jet is normal,increase material channel andtemperature, and turn on the air (both sides) 

18) Out of roundness: flying yarn; adjust the height of wagon; treat the flying yarn with iron plate.