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Operation Steps
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Inspect whether the circulating water system and air compression plant is normal

I) .  open the switches of initial treatment and after-treatment

1.Quick change: 200℃-220℃ for about 4 hours (depending on machine downtime)
2.spinning box:270℃±10℃ for about 6 hours (depending on machine downtime)
3. Preparation:
 A. Axle: Whether there is electricity, and the mechanical failure of axle, and speed detector is in normal state.
 B. Whether the prepared support and pressing roll is in normal state
 C. Inspect hot air channel
4. the temperature in spinning box rises to stages 1-5 temperatures
Ⅱ: 240℃±10℃
Ⅲ: 260℃±10℃
Ⅴ: 1#:290℃±10℃
Warming in stagesⅠ-Ⅴ requires about 0.5 hour
5.Firstly use heating nozzle of heating ring 10’-15’ to wait for the melting of materials. Meanwhile, use stick metering pump to determine the degree of material melting. After material melting, open the metering pump from low speed to high speed with 400 rotation/minute. Remove quick change strainer filter, and open extruder to start discharging. Discharging is clean, transparent, pure white with no black slag. Add quick change strainer filter, stop extruder, metering pump, and stages 1-5 temperatures, and add spinning jet, open air compressor, blow air channel (add water first, and then open water pump to a hydraulic pressure of 0.15. The hydraulic pressure will be got after opening water pump) firstly open water intake switch, and then the water output switch. Inspect oil pressure.
6.Add spinning jet, and rack to make level. Apply supramoly. Make the nozzle correct and tight. Add heating rod, plug thermocouple, open air of 0.05-0.07Mpa, open spinning jet temperature, and increase the temperature of heating tank to 220℃-250℃. Then the temperature reaches to stages 1-5 temperature, and heat axle.
7. Open metering pump from low speed to high speed of 600±50. Open extruder with the pressure of 2.0-2.2. Adjust the height of axle and spinning jet in order to make them parallel.
8. Open receiving axle, optical axle and threaded shaft from low speed to high speed of 100-120 rotation/minute. Gradually initiate to adjust speed difference until the outer diameter is proper. Through the fine adjustment of pressing roll, temperature, air pressure, and distance, appearance and accuracy can reach the standard. After normal production, install automatic cutting device.